International work position details

Industrial Solar GmbH

Visiting researcher
  • Freiburg (Germany)

Main activities:

  • Test campaign at a linear Fresnel pilot plant in Freiburg/Hochdorf: Main responsibilities included performing tests at a linear Fresnel pilot plant in order to produce reliable and precise data, to support an ongoing investigation regarding the operational issues of direct steam generation in linear Fresnel systems.
  • Dynamic modeling of solar steam drums: Development of a dynamic model capable to simulate the behavior of solar steam drums operating in a direct steam generation. The developed model was able to predict the transient behavior of the steam drum during charge/discharge cycles.
  • Construction of 250 kWth Fresnel commercial project “RAM Pharma“: In December 2014 a 250 kWth Fresnel system was installed to supply steam (using direct steam generation) to the pharmaceutical company RAM Pharma in Amman / Jordan. As part of the construction team, I was directly involved in the engineering, production and installation works.