International work position details

Masdar Institute

Research Center for Energy Mapping & Assessment - RECREMA
Research engineer
  • Abu Dhabi (UAE)

My main roles during this period as Research Engineer were:

  • Central receiver system performance model: Development of both design and performance models of central receiver systems based in the Arabia Peninsula. The developed model was integrated into RECREMA's interactive GIS mapping tool
  • Assistance with the power block performance model: Main respnsabilities included providing technical assistance to KACARE researchers in the development of Rankine cycle performance models. Power block desing criteria and operating strategies were validated on field at SHAMS solar power plant at Abu Dhabi
  • Technical workshops: One week of technical workshops on modelling and optimization of concentrated solar systems. Topics included: Modelling and optimization of central receiver systems, optimization with DELSOL3 code, introduction to Trnsys and STEC library, and fundamentals for Solar Enhanced Oil recovery