Work position details


  • Valencia (Spain)

SOLATOM is a clean technology startup founded in 2016 with the aim of decarbonizing the industrial sector. SOLATOM uses solar concentrating systems to produce high temperature steam for industrial processes. The steam generated by the sun is finally supplied to the factory under the same conditions as the conventional gas boiler. This consequently produces a significant reduction in gas consumption and the factory's carbon footprint. Unlike other systems, SOLATOM modules are shipped fully assembled and ready to use. This allows it to be a competitive alternative to fossil fuels in small industrial-size projects. Solatom has the support of Enagas and BP Ventures, among other investment funds.

  • Developed SHIPcal, an open-source performance model for solar process heat applications. SHIPcal is currently used in Ressspi (, a simulation platform with +350 users and +2870 simulations performed
  • Responsible for business development. Developed 9 projects for industrial heat applications within different industrial sectors