Eduaction details

Bch.Industrial Engineer

  • Grade: 1.4 Spanish scale
  • Valencia Polytechnic University UPV (Spain)
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Main outcomes:

  • Ability to solve mathematical problems that may arise in engineering. Ability to apply knowledge of linear algebra, geometry, differential geometry, differential and integral calculus, differential equations and partial differential equations, numerical methods, numerical algorithms, statistics and optimisation.
  • Understanding and mastery of the basic concepts of the general laws of mechanics, thermodynamics, fields and waves and electromagnetism and their application in solving engineering problems.
  • Ability to understand and apply the principles of a basic knowledge of general chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry and their applications in engineering.
  • Knowledge of applied thermodynamics and heat transfer. Basic principles and their application to solving engineering problems.
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of fluid mechanics and their application to problem-solving in the field of engineering. Calculation of pipes, channels and fluid systems.

  • The complete list of outcomes can be found here