Course details

loT/Ethereum Summer Camp

Frankfurt School Blockchain center

  • Location: Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Year of completion: 2017
  • Duration: 40 hours
  • scholarship Stipend award for developers

The loT/Ethereum Summer Camp was the first Ethereum Camp in Frankfurt/Main. During the 5 days the 85 participants were divided in groups and they developed 14 real prototypes. The goal of the camp is to build prototypes using Ethereum and IOTA, and connect them to IoT devices like Raspberry Pis, HiKey encripters, sensors, RFID readers, smart energy meters, etc. Some topics covered during the camp:

  • Smart contracts explained in detail
  • Blockchain & IoT use cases in the energy industry
  • Will energy consumption be the end of blockchain technology?
  • Ethereum: collection of best practices
  • Disrupting Industries With Blockchain
  • Potential of Blockchain & IoT