Patent details

Linear fresnel solar power system that can be transported in a goods container


  • Office: USA
  • Year: 2021
  • Inventors: Raul Villalba Van Dijk, Miguel Frasquet Herraiz
  • Applicant: SOLATOM
  • Status: Approved

Abstract: Linear fresnel solar power system which is transportable in a goods container which comprises a number of rows of reflective mirrors (6), an automatic cleaning system (10), a linear receiver (18) and a support structure designed to be assembled on a commercial goods container (1). In turn, the support structure comprises two foldable lateral platforms (2) capable of adopting two fixed positions, a vertical position, wherein all the elements on the platform remain inside the volume of the structure of the container, thereby allowing for the latter to be transported and/or stored using conventional methods, and a horizontal position that allows for the system to operate as a conventional linear fresnel solar collector. The rows of reflective mirrors (6), mounted on mirror-carrying banks (7), and at least two ballast tanks (11), used as excess weight in order to reduce the necessary foundations, are placed on the foldable lateral platforms (2). The automatic cleaning system (10) comprises movement rails (12), along which central stiffeners (16) move. At least one cleaning unit (15) for each row of mirrors (6) is joined to these central stiffeners (16). In turn, the cleaning units (15) comprise an element manufactured with absorbent materials (13), an upper cover (14) and a water supply system. The linear receiver (18) comprises an external casing (4), end supports (3) and intermediate supports (5). In turn, the external casing (4) comprises a transparent cover (23), insulating means (21), a secondary reflective surface (22) and at least one tubular receiver (9).