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SWIPH, SAM Wrapper For Industrial Process Heat Models


Abstract: Since January 2017, SAM includes models for simulating concentrating collectors in industrial process heat applications (IPH). These IPH models are based on the more complex Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) models already available in SAM. Adapting the inputs of the IPH models to represent real industrial applications is difficult and often leads to convergence errors. SWIPH is a decision support tool that simplifies the entry of input variables needed in SAM’s IPH models. In addition to providing default values for the industry sector selected, SWIPH uses supervised classification algorithms to predict if the combination of inputs introduced by the user leads to a converge error. When that is the case, it suggests the closest set of input variables that produces a valid simulation. SWIPH is able to predict with 94% accuracy whether the given inputs will produce a valid simulation or on the other hand, what kind of error would it raise.