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Enhanced monitoring and dynamic analysis of a concentrated solar thermal experimental plant for steam production

Applied Thermal Engineering

Abstract: Solar heat for industrial processes (SHIP) is an increasingly interest option as a key strategy to decarbonise the industrial sector. Linear Fresnel Collectors are a promising technology due to their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. As part of the SOLPINVAP project, an experimental facility was constructed to prove the use of modular Linear Fresnel collectors for steam production in industrial processes. SHIP plants commonly use standard industrial sensors, which can result in high uncertainty when measuring absorbed and produced heat. This can be problematic when selling energy to customers through an energy purchase agreement. To address this issue, an uncertainty analysis was conducted in the experimental plant, and more precise instrumentation was added to the installation. This reduced the uncertainty in the absorbed energy in the solar field from 12 % to 3 % and obtaining an uncertainty of 3 % in the generated energy. Additionally, the operation of the plant was studied through experimental tests conducted during the summer of 2022, and the system dynamics were analysed during the period of peak heat absorption.